About Halal SME

Halal SME is an exclusive promotional and networking platform for the Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) of the global Halal industry.

With such a huge Halal market ready to be served, Halal SME is the multi-dimensional platform that provides local Halal businesses access to the global Halal market audience.

Positioned to be the definitive industry resource centre, members can expect :-

  • Increased presence within the global Muslim communities worldwide,
  • Greater networking opportunities with Halal industry captains,
  • Increased standings & reputation within the global Halal industry,
  • Substantial and tangible  added value attached to your Halal logo,
  • Distinctive edge in Halal branding over competitors.

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Citizen for Justice & Equality
With more than 15 years experience in various capacities, levels and types of organisations, including in four start-ups, two of which were founded by me, I have acquired the ability to anticipate and understand what the clients/ audiences need, strategically manage the available resources at hand and develop the end product according to their exact specifications.

Check out www.kamarulaznam.com for details on contacting me.