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In line with Malaysia’s vision to be the global Halal hub and to take advantage of increasing global Halal products market development, the East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC) will establish Halal parks for food and non-food products in Pasir Mas, Kelantan and Gambang, Pahang.

ECER Malaysia logo For food and consumer manufacturers, the focus in the Region will be on Halal products produced for the local and export market, as well as fish-based food products such as sauces, condiments and snacks, which have been the hallmark of the region’s distinctive food culture. Gambang, Pahang will focus on food and non-food based Halal products while Pasir Mas, Kelantan will concentrate on crops poultry and beef-based products.

To comply with Halal standards and practices, certification and accreditation will be emphasised to position the produce of these parks as products of choice and internationally recognised in terms of Halal practices.

Both parks have been designed specifically to comply with GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 whilst ensuring adherence to Shariah principles. The parks are also designed for the Halal Industry Development Corporation’s (HDC) Halmas 1 status whereby a Free Zone (bonded warehouse) will be situated in both parks. The Halal Parks will embrace the cluster approach whereby respective anchor players will be supported by SMEs that are co-located within the cluster.

Incubator-centres will also be setup in Pasir Mas and Gambang to attract and assist budding Bumiputera entrepreneurs. The incubator centres will be equipped with common facilities including laboratories, and will also tie-up with existing programmes (such as with MARA, and Ministry of Agriculture) to provide skills training and technological advisory services.

The incubator programmes will also provide technical support, skills upgrading and development, and market development to other processing sites. SME development programme for processed fisheries products to upgrade production capability and to increase the market reach of the products will also be developed.

The Parks will be managed by a professional Park Manager to ensure sustainability and ease of doing business for potential investors and both parks will act as downstream processing centres for ECERDC’s other initiatives such as fisheries, fruit and vegetables (crops), herbal, meat and poultry and palm oil downstream development activities.

The earth preparation and construction of infrastructure of the Parks are currently in progress. The park will be ready to receive investors by the first quarter of 2012. Investors in both Halal parks are eligible for special tax incentives, subject to ECERDC’s standards and guidelines. For more information, kindly contact ECERDC’s Corporate Communications Division at +603 2035 0023, or visit www.ecerdc.com.my.

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Two Halal parks will be established in the East Coast region of the Malaysian peninsula; in Gambang, Pahang and Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Basic Info

Name of Organisation: East Coast Economic Region Development Council
Sector / Sub Sector: Manufacturing / Others
Trade Sector: Halal parks
Year founded: 2007
Staff Strength: 100

Premium Info

Total Size: 200 acres (Gambang Halal Park)
108 acres (Pasir Mas Halal Industrial Park)
Suitable Industries: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Additives & Ingredients, Lifestyle, Services


Gambang Halal Park

Port services
Kuantan Port – A multipurpose port north of Kuantan city and facing South China Sea. It has containers handling equipment and machineries and provides a container freight station of 9,600 square metres and a container yard with 1,500 ground slots and 168 reefer points. It is also just 30km away from Gambang via the East Coast Expressway.
Raw Materials
Takes advantage of the abundance of palm oil by-products for oleochemicals – the main ingredients for cosmetics and health care products.
R&D Potential
Ideally situated for R&D joint efforts with ECER Centre of Excellence, i.e. Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia’s Regional Centre for Halal Products.

Pasir Mas Halal Industrial Park

Strategically located near the Thai-Malaysia border, easily accessible by road and rail.
Production focus
Concentrates on the production of high-value added additives and ingredients with numerous applications, from food additives to pharmaceuticals and health care applications.
R&D Potential
Also ideally situated for R&D joint efforts with ECER Centre of Excellence, i.e. Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia’s Regional Centre for Halal Products.


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