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Midamar-logo Midamar Corporation is the North American pioneer and leading producer of quality Halal foods serving retail and food services.

It provides Halal beef, poultry and frozen foods, restaurant equipment and consultation, export consolidation and translation services to restaurants, hotels and distributors in over 30 countries throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, the Far East and North America.

The company represents over 200 USA food and equipment suppliers to provide its customers with the most diverse and complete line of USA products for air and ocean container shipments.

As the first company in the United States to work in conjunction with the USDA in developing an accredited Halal food program, Midamar Halal foods are held to the highest integrity at the point of slaughter, then processed with the best ingredients under strict supervision of the USDA, and followed up by superior customer service.

As a company, Midamar is also committed to the global community and remains strong in the belief that quality products and superior service are the cornerstones to customer satisfaction and long term growth.

Midamar also recently became the first American company to win the prestigious Gulfood Award 2011 when it won The Best New Halal Food title for its new line of Halal Air Chilled Chicken (read more here).

Founded in 1974, Midamar is centrally located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. For more information, contact Midamar at 319-362-3711, or visit

Company Info

Basic Info

Company Name: Midamar Corporation
Sector / Sub Sector: Manufacturing / Food, Business Consultancy
Trade Sector: Meat & Poultry, Processed Foods
Products / Services: Midamar brand Halal meats and poultry including frankfurters, sausages, beef patties, steaks, whole turkeys, chicken nuggets, pizzas, luncheon and deli meats and more. (Order Online) Also consulting services on international restaurant concepts, Export services and International consulting.

Premium Info

Year Founded: 1972
Staff Strength: 50
Annual Sales Turnover: Undisclosed
Size of Factory Premise: Undisclosed
Size of Storage Facility: Undisclosed
Existing Export Markets: USA, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Far East
Future Export Markets: Unlimited
Key Highlights:
  • Midamar products have been long certified Halal by Islamic Services of America and compliant under Islamic Law for export to all Muslim countries worldwide.
  • Top quality Halal slaughtered meat and poultry are used with no fillers.
  • Halal food of the highest quality and best selection in America and enjoyed by families everywhere!


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1150 60th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, U.S.A.
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+001-319 362 3711 |
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Halal Cert Issuer

Halal Certification Details

Halal Certification Authority
Halal Certification Reference Number
Total Product Certified
100 key items
Certification Expiry Date 31/12/2011


Awards won
Halal World Forum Best New Product 2006
Gulfood 2011 Best New Halal Food (read more here)