Tap the 25 mil Muslims in Russia


Tap the lucrative potential of 25 million Muslims in Russia and the 45% non Muslim Halal consumers in Russia.

Be apart of the IV Moscow International Halal Expo (Moscow Halal Expo 2013), which will be held from June 13-16, 2013 at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVC) in Moscow.

Moscow Halal Expo is annually supported by the government authorities of Russian Federation, including Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Government of Moscow, regional state authorities and Trade associations.

Companies and firms whose activities are related to the scope of Halal including all the spheres of Islamic business are invited to participate. Moscow Halal Expo is a unique place where your products and services will find all conditions for the best advertising, where you will be find new partners and negotiate new business agreements with the Russian business entities. The exhibition will feature conferences, seminars, tasting, presentations and competitions.


Event Objectives

The four-day exhibition is aimed to:

  • Draw attention to the production and distribution of Halal products and services;
  • Expand markets for Halal products;
  • Contribute to the development of Islamic business and finance;
  • Foster the development of ethical principles in business and production;
  • Exchange of experience in the field of Islamic finance;
  • Strengthen business relations between Russia and Muslim countries;
  • Exchange of experience in Halal certification and mutual recognition of Halal certificates;
  • Contribute to the formation of Islamic cultural platform.



Benefits for Exhibiting Companies

Moscow Halal Expo 2013 is:

  • The best way to advertise your company on Halal market of Russia, find new customers, strengthen ties with existing clients, present new Halal products or services, sign new contracts.
  • An outstanding opportunity to raise awareness of your company, product, brand on Moscow, Russian and international markets.
  • A perfect way to establish business contacts with customers from around the world. Of the main visitors of the Exhibition are the representatives of retail chains, whose main task is to get full information about Halal market, to negotiate and conclude new contracts. According to the results of the past Moscow Halal Expo Exhibitions, held in 2010, 2011 and 2012, many major retail chains have greatly expanded the range of Halal certified products.
  • A unique chance to outperform your competitors through the direct communication with partners and customers.
  • A splendid opportunity to conduct comprehensive marketing campaigns, taste new products.

More than 150 companies representing Halal industry from different Russian regions (Moscow, Tatarstam, Bashkortostan, Siberia, Saint-Petersburg, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria etc.), as well as from the foreign countries are expected to participate at the Exhibition.



Programme Lineup

Business program of Moscow Halal Expo 2013 includes:

  • Islamic Finance Seminar and Presentations about Investment projects;
  • Days of Islamic Style;
  • Best Halal product of the year» Competition;
  • National Cuisine of Islamic nations» Festival;
  • Culture and Arts Festival.

Extra services (for additional fee):

  • Accommodation in Moscow hotels;
  • Organization of Halal meal;
  • Transfer to the venue of the exhibition;
  • Sightseeing tour of Moscow.



Cost to Exhibit

Basic Price: 330 USD / sq.m.
Registration fee: 185 USD.
Cost of minimum booth: (330 USD x 4 sq.m. + 185 USD = 1505 USD)

1) If applied and paid before December 31, 2012:
10% discount of the basic contract price (the discount does not apply to the registration fee and additional services) for repeat exhibitors and 5% discount for new exhibitors.
Price for 1 sq.m.: 297 USD or 313.5 USD

2) Discount to “repeat exhibitors’ (for those who participated in previous Moscow Halal Expos). Payment before March 1, 2013.
3% discount of the basic contract price (for those who participated in one Exhibition), 5% discount (for those who participated in last three exhibitions).
Price for 1 sq.m.: 313.5 USD, or 320 USD

3) Price for the participants of National cuisine Festival is discussed individually.

4) Cost of additional services is discussed individually.

Download Brochures, Application Form and Floor Plan



Moscow Halal Expo 2013 – Invites for Participation

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To register or to inquire further information, please contact:
Director, Economic Department
Russia Mufties Council
Tel: 7 (495) 795-47-75, 7-964-635-66-11
E-mail: info@halalexpo.org
Website: www.halalexpo.org
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Download Brochures, Application Form and Floor Plan

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