World Halal Summit coming to Kuala Lumpur

March 13th, 2015|

Malaysian MITI will host a trade fair and six halal industry conferences under one roof, offering a well-integrated and largest exposition to unite the global halal marketplace.

Driving Profitable Convergence in the Global Halal Economy

March 13th, 2015|

The upcoming World Halal Conference in April will see renewed efforts undertaken by halal industry stakeholders to strengthen integration within the Halal economy.

The Prospect Of Halal Concept For Muslim Manufacturers

February 24th, 2015|

Muslims manufacturers should lead the industry to grab whatever available opportunities and make the most profit from halal goods as the potential is truly staggering.

MITI Expects 2015 Halal Industry Export Surplus To Exceed RM32 Billion

January 28th, 2015|

The Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) expects total export surplus for the halal industry this year to exceed the RM32 billion achieved in 2013.

Palm oil to be repositioned as Halal wonder ingredient in new exhibition

January 26th, 2015|

Palm oil, whose industry accounts for over 8% of Malaysia's GNI, will be repositioned as a wonder ingredient that is safe and Syariah compliant in Halal Ingredient Asia 2015 this September.

Malaysia’s halal export growth on uptrend

April 10th, 2014|

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said up to June 2013, Malaysia had exported halal products worth RM15.7 billion.

Logistics on Global Fast Lane

December 28th, 2013|

Malaysia’s Halal logistics sector is expected to increase in tandem with the growth of the Halal food industry, and with the help of a globally recognized Halal certification system, the country is able to position itself as the region’s Halal logistics hub.

Developing Human Resources within the Halal Industry

September 17th, 2013|

As the understanding of halal industry increases, more opportunities are arising in every sector and with that, even more Halal-related jobs will be created.

Top Halal Innovation Products Announced at World Halal Week 2013

May 28th, 2013|

A rapid test method that provides quick identification for fatalistic malaria was the leading recipient of Halal Innovation Award by HDC.

Selangor Halal Hub Pulau Indah, MY

May 28th, 2013|

Selangor Halal Hub Pulau Indah is strategically located on the west coast of Selangor, adjacent to port facilities and trading links to over 120 countries and 500 ports.